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Bedroom Gallery Wall

Bedroom Gallery Wall

I just finished putting together a gallery wall for our bedroom and, let me tell you, it has really tied the room together.

One of my favorite bloggers gave a room tour years ago and she wrote something that really stuck with me.  Someone had given her a piece of advice when she married her husband and that was to keep their bedroom all about them.  There's plenty of space in the rest of the house for family and kiddo photos as well as individual passions; romance and the couple should be the themes of the bedroom.

Gathering mementos from our time together and collecting new reminders of our shared joys was so much fun!

I included a mutual favorite piece of original art (bottom right) by a formerly local artist named Gregory Crawford.  This was the inspiration for the colors I chose for the whole room.  We also already owned the burnished mirror.  

Since we are both big fans of Hemingway, framing a print of a romantic quote of his was a no-brainer.  The movie poster pictures a scene and quote from Moonrise Kingdom, a favorite Wes Anderson film of ours.

The vintage Simon and Garfunkel record references the song we chose for our first dance as husband and wife.  A little side note there: one of our wedding guests remarked that he thought it was an odd song choice since it could easily be about friends instead of lovers.  To us, though, "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is about carrying each other through life's toughest times.  And when you're talking about a lifelong partnership, what could be more romantic than that?

For the final component of this gallery wall I crafted another of my DIY date displays depicting our anniversary (click here for the original, super simple tutorial.)

Here's a look at a project I recently completed for another wall in the room.  I built a frame from by-the-foot molding purchased at the hardware store and stapled some chicken wire to the back using this tutorial.  I've begun attaching photos of us and cards we've gifted to each other throughout the years using mini clothespins.  I have plans to also include our vows and poems we've written to one another.

That gorgeous blue and silver number below is one of our wedding invitations made by my dear friend, Annie.  I loved them then and I love them now.

I'm still working on a jewelry display and a quilt.  Good news, though -- I've finally finished the quilt top!  The backing is pieced together and the binding is made, so now it's just about actually quilting the thing.  Now that the walls are painted (Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl) and the dresser and side tables are complete, this room is almost done.  I look forward to giving a full room tour soon.


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