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A Beadboard Backsplash & Other House Updates

A Beadboard Backsplash & Other House Updates

Our home has been in a frenzy of remodeling lately.  Many of the cosmetic upgrades I put on my to-do list when we moved in have been getting done in the last couple of months.  As I mentioned before, this probably has a lot to do with nesting.  After all, this baby is due in just seven weeks!

All of the rooms in the house have now been painted and we are so happy about it.  While the various shades of beige that previously commanded the space were certainly livable, the new palette of grays, greens, and blues is so much more appealing to us.

The main living space, consisting of our kitchen, dining room, and living room, was the last area to get a new coat.  Thanks to my selfless parents, who sacrificed a weekend so Susanna and I wouldn't have to hang out in the fumes, this area is now a lovely medium gray (Sherwin Williams' Dovetail.)

I wasted no time getting to the next item on my list: putting up a beadboard backsplash.  I don't have a before photo, but there really wasn't much to show before, as there wasn't a backsplash at all.  I adore beadboard for several reasons.  It seems to evoke a cottage-feel in any space, a decorating style of which I'm a big fan.  Also, the exterior of our home already boasts a lot of beadboard, so there's continuity in using it inside.  Lastly, beadboard is cheap, friends -- far cheaper than tile!

What's even cheaper (and easier) than beadboard is the product I ended up using, which is a paintable vinyl textured wallpaper.  I combined that $20 roll with a small can of $7 enamel paint for durability, a $4 piece of trim, and a $5 tube of caulk and I now have a backsplash I love.  Here's a closeup of an area with trim.

There was so much left on the roll of paper that I decided to wrap what I call my island (it's really just a jut-out,) as well.

I love the way the crisp white beadboard contrasts with the gray walls and green lower cabinets.

 Even though the green of the cabinets isn't the green -- you know, the one in my dreams -- the kitchen is pretty close to what I want now.

I also set up a pretty simple little office nook last week.

Our desk shares space with our dining table (that's what small house living is all about!) and used to look like it was just plopped in the middle of the dining room.  With the addition of a repurposed shelf, a hanging file organizer, and some pretties, it now feels like a true creative space.

I've truly enjoyed fluffing our little nest this fall.  What makes your house feel more like a home?

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