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DIY {Simple Necklace Storage + Display}

Today I'm sharing an easy DIY I put together to solve my necklace storage problem.  Now, you might be thinking that my problem is too many necklaces.  But I say one can never have too many accessories!

As I've mentioned in the past, I've been itching to do away with my formal jewelry box that isn't my style and takes up a lot of space on my dresser.  I'm working on a hanging station for my earrings and bracelets and I've purchased a cute little treasure chest for my stud earrings.  But get this: these long necklaces weren't even in the bulky jewelry box to begin with.  They were piled in an old purse through which I had to dig every time I wanted to wear one (ahem -- everyday.)  What a pain it was to sift through all that mess and untangle my pick each time!

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My inspiration was this vintage spool rack I found on Pinterest.  It's an authentic Dutch antique from the early 1900's and comes with an authentic price tag of $535.  I decided I could copy the idea and make one in my style for just a little bit less.

I bought a bag of 20 wooden spools at the craft store for $2.50.  My mama had the brilliant suggestion that I burn some of the edges to age them and it worked perfectly.  I then dry-brushed some craft paints on them for a fun splash of color.

I found in my basement and repurposed a discarded white piece of wood that used to function as a piece of my table apron before it collapsed.  That sad story can be found here.  The board has been sitting down there for awhile and has some nicks and splatters -- just the way I like it.  

Side note: Try to ignore the yellow board behind it -- I used that for a different project I'll detail in a later post.  I don't think you can possibly ignore the chubby toddler hand in the foreground, though; I included it for both adorableness and keeping-it-realness.

I pounded in some finishing nails at a slight angle so the spools would be tipped up a bit.  Then I used hot glue on the backs of the spools so they would be securely affixed to the board once they were slipped on the nails.  Why the double attachment?  Some of my necklaces are heavy, man!

Some hanging hardware on the back completed the piece and now it hangs in my bedroom.  My thoughts on the rack?  It's super useful, super fun, and unique -- I love it!

It's a little quirky and that happens to suit me perfectly.  If you've done the "math," you've already figured out the best part: this little project cost me roughly $1.25, as I used only half of the spools I purchased and I had everything else already on hand.

Now my entire collection of necklaces is on display and wonderfully accessible.  Happy Friday, friends!