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A Few More Gifting and Wrapping Ideas

A Few More Gifting and Wrapping Ideas

We'll be celebrating our family holiday early this year because that's when all of us are able to get together.  My siblings are coming into town this week and I'm so excited!  The only thing that would make it better is if our little girl arrives while they're here (or better still, before this post is scheduled to show up on the blog!)

I'll be taking a little break from blogging for the rest of the week in order to soak up the family time, so I thought I'd just share a few more gifting and wrapping ideas with you today.  The above is actually a birthday gift (we have a lot of December birthdays around here) that I'll be thrilled to show you once it's been opened.

The paper is a placemat that sat on my crafting station at the workshop I attended recently.  I couldn't just leave it there!  Along with a simple satin ribbon, it makes a beautiful package.  I added dried flowers for an extra touch of pretty.

Here's another fun kraft paper application.  I added a strip of dark brown paper, green and white baker's twine, and a wooden button.  You might recognize the gift tag; by now, you probably know what a kick I get out of repurposing.  This tag lived a former life as one of my Thanksgiving place cards.  I cut it down to gift tag size and added a green circle of paper to tie in the twine.  The little cloth baggie contains something that goes with what's inside the package -- no spoilers here!

Above is an idea for a gift and its wrapping.  I purchased a sturdy jar and filled it with homemade cocoa mix topped with marshmallows.  Festive twine and a tag with the instructions are all it needs to be giftable.  Make your own marshmallows or add a little bottle of rum or Irish creme if you're gifting to someone you really like.

Here's a link to my favorite cocoa mix recipe.  In an effort to keep my coffee consumption down during pregnancy, this cocoa has been my afternoon treat all season!

For a friend or loved one who is more of a tea drinker, here's an idea: make a chai latte mix and pour it into a pretty jar along with some nice black tea bags.  I adapted my recipe from this one.  As a bonus, it's another way to utilize the vanilla sugar we made a few weeks ago.

I so enjoy gifting homemade items.  There are more from this season, but as they haven't been opened yet they'll have to wait for next year for their feature!

Don't forget to make this aged eggnog while there's still time...

and serve it with some Swedish Butter Cookies for extra deliciousness.

I hope I'll have some exciting news to share next time we connect.  In the meantime, stay up to date with #blairfromscratch on Instagram.  Happy holiday preparations!

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