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Best of 2015 {Happy New Year!}

Best of 2015 {Happy New Year!}

Here's how Chris and I like to ring in the new year; it's a tradition going on five years now.  Don't be jealous of our mad party skills.  But seriously, if you're like us and you like to stay in when the big crowds are out, this is the way to do it.  Get a great bottle of bubbly and watch the best New Year's Eve movie of all time: When Harry Met Sally.

Yesterday I posted my #bestofnine2015 on Instagram (above) and it got me thinking about what a big year this has been for us.  So I decided to put together a list of my bests from 2015.  Just bear with me and recognize that as a mama of little ones, I'm a little behind on my pop culture.  So when I say something was the best TV show of 2015, it doesn't mean it was released in 2015; it means I watched it in 2015, got it?  Chalk it up to #momlife.

Now that we've established the ground rules, let's dive in!

Best of 2015

Best fiction reads

If you like fantasy series at all, you must check this out.  I read the first two books, The Magicians and The Magician King in 2015.  I cannot wait to read the third in the trilogy.  This is childhood fantasy in the vein of Narnia and Harry Potter, except with adult wit, sarcasm, language, and sensibility.  So, so good.

Cather is one of my favorite authors of all time.  If you've never read her, please introduce yourself to her rich, descriptive language; complex, endearing characters; and loving depictions of the midwest, my cherished home.  I'd already read a couple of her works, but this one was really choice.

Best non-ficiton read

This book is so interesting.  It's about our habits -- how we create them, what makes us keep them, how powerful they can be.  I have yet to finish it, but can't wait.  Bonus: author Rubin is also from KC (represent!)

Best TV series

Its tagline is "We're not bad people, but we did a bad thing."  How intriguing is that?  A Netflix original, this series had me on the edge of my seat.  It has an amazing, all-star cast, a great story, and tons of suspense.

I know -- where have I been?  This goes down as one of the best series ever for me.

You can't go wrong with Julia Louis-Dreyfus on HBO.  My face hurts from laughing!

Best Movies

This one got mixed reviews, but we loved it.  These kind of intentional character studies are my favorite.  Add in the facts that this is the neighborhood Chris's family comes from (his grandpa even knew Whitey) and we heart Johnny Depp and it's a winner for us.

This was so weird and so good at the same time.  Michael Keaton is a genius.

Desolate and depressing, sure, but also super exciting and fun to watch.  Is that ever a contradiction.

Best Music

(Okay, please read my disclaimer above.  I realize none of these artists was discovered this year.  I just really enjoyed listening to them.  There, I've said my piece.)

Best Moments (in no particular order)

  • Susanna's first sentences
  • Our road trip to Carolina Beach
  • Finding out we were expecting
  • Giving birth to baby Nola Evelyn
  • My trip to Oregon with Susanna to visit the siblings
  • Celebrating our sixth anniversary with a prix fixe dinner at Bluestem (tradition!)
  • Seeing my siblings for the holidays
  • Watching Chris in Silent Night at The Lyric Opera of KC
  • Hosting Thanksgiving
  • Sewing a first birthday dress for Susanna
  • Starting an edible garden
  • Watching the Royals win the World Series
  • Teaching Susanna to swim

Thank you so much for reading my little blog this year.  I'm really excited to continue in 2016.  Cheers to a really great year!!

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