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Happy First Birthday, Susanna Joan

The very first moment I beheld [you], my heart was irrevocably gone.
— Jane Austen

My Dear Sweet Baby Suz,

Your papa and I wanted you more than you'll ever know.  One year and one day ago you were already a week late for our date and we wondered if you would ever come.  And then, at 1:59 am, you did.

You were born in the Southwest hills of Portland, Oregon where you lived in my armpit and focused your gaze on the hazy middle distance.

At one month old, you took your first of many plane rides on your way to the City of Fountains, your new home.

You've been surrounded by a lot of love in your little life.

You're playful, clever, and lovely.

You've been to the lake, the beach, and the mountains.

 photo credit Bryan Aulick

photo credit Bryan Aulick

You dig music and dancing, walking outside, reading books, and trying new things.

Your favorite foods are buttered bread, green smoothies, and bananas.  You love dogs, babies, and dismantling your room.

You're the best snuggler,

an expert splasher,

and a wonderful bouncer.

You have auburn hair, brown eyes, and an irresistibly dimpled left cheek.

You complete our little family

 photo credit JP Richardson

photo credit JP Richardson

and we couldn't love you more!

Happy birthday, my darling.