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DIY  {Date Display}

DIY {Date Display}

This is a ridiculously simple little craft project, which is just the way I like them.

This project was born out of my desire to fill a little gap in a display on a wall in Susanna's room.  I'd seen other ways to display a date, like a cute chalkboard idea used to honor a couple's anniversary in this sweet bedroom, or this simple printed date.  But since I like a touch of whimsy in a child's room (okay, a lot of whimsy,) I wanted to go in a craftier, more colorful direction.

I started with the idea of three round frames that I borrowed from the anniversary display I mentioned above.  A bit of searching quickly showed me that round picture frames are pricey, man!  When I began to brainstorm a less expensive option, I came up with an idea I liked even better.  Necessity is the mother of invention, after all.

Enter the solution: embroidery hoops.  They're stupid cheap and you may already have them in your craft supplies.  I didn't have three in the size I wanted, so I ordered them here.  Mine are 4 inches in diameter and you can find them in any craft or fabric store.

Note: Please ignore the scaly appearance of my hand.  The winter was rough on my skin!

I did a quick search for "free round printable labels" and found loads of options.  This one was sweet and simple and came in several colors so I wouldn't have to do any editing.  Then I cut-and-pasted the colors I wanted into Photoshop Elements, though you could really do this in a wide variety of software programs, even Paint or Microsoft Word.  After placing the numbers (in gray) corresponding to Susanna's birthday inside the labels, I simply printed on white card stock.

Tracing, cutting, and attaching followed.  I used Zots, which I purchased in heaven.  They are these cool adhesive dots that I use all the time and they are tiny, easy to use, and removable.  That last attribute appealed to me, just in case I want to repurpose these hoops in the future.  Regardless, you could use hot glue, glue sticks, etc, if you're not worried about eventually putting the embroidery hoops to their intended use.

The little screw used to tighten the rings of the hoop is basically built-in hanging hardware.  Bonus!  I used little finishing nails with tiny heads that would just slip right through the mechanism.

I'm really pleased with the result.

I chose the colors and the order in which I placed them so I could tie in the red paper fan in the closet doorway on the left and the blue and purply-pink (as well as the red) in the art print in the center of the wall display.

Speaking of the art print, is anyone else a little obsessed with Wes Anderson movies?  I fell in love with this piece depicting all of the fictional sea creatures from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.  No, the reflection of a ceiling fan is not one of them.  That is just my inexperience with photo composition.

The cross stitch was made for me by a family friend when I was born.  I'm whatever the opposite of a hoarder is... maybe a purger?  I only kept one small box of things from my first 20 plus years on this planet and this cross stitch is one of them.   It makes me happy that Susanna has something that belonged to me.

The little clip board holds a card from my parents that goes along with the (vague) sea theme.  Chris grew up on the beach and misses it all the time, so we like the idea of bringing a little of the ocean to our girl.

The S in the frame is actually a felted Christmas ornament, but I thought it was too cute to put away after the season was over.  Sister-in-law Nikki, my fellow crafter and Wes Anderson-ophile, picked it out and Susanna just has to touch it every time we visit the changing table.

The "clothesline" is a length of twine hung from two drawer pulls I painted and hung with mounting tape.  Mini clothespins hold mounted prints of Susanna with some of her favorite peeps.  This way we can say hello to everyone and learn their names.

I plan to do a full nursery tour soon.  As you might have noticed from the lurking shadows in the above pictures, the room doesn't get a whole lot of light.  This is great for baby naps, but not so bueno for photographing.  When we get a really bright day and I can get in there at the right time, I'll snap the remainder of the room.  I'm excited to eventually share the rest because I had so much fun with this space!

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