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DIY {Spice Display}

For a long time now I've wanted to find a way to display my spices on the wall.  I'm a fan of functional decor; I like having the things I regularly use both at hand and looking beautiful.  When we were renting in Portland, I knew that it would be my goal to create a spice rack of some kind once we moved into our new home here in KC.  So I started out by purchasing the jars and labeling them, planning to figure out a shelving solution once I knew what our space would be like.

These are the jars I bought at World Market for less than a dollar apiece.  While replacing all of your spice jars may seem like a hefty expense, they will pay for themselves since buying spices either from bulk bins or in bags is far cheaper than buying a whole new container of a spice every time you run out of one.  World Market has several cute jar designs; I chose this one because of its simplicity and the fact that it comes with a removable sprinkle-top insert.

After washing the jars and filling them with my spices, I printed the names of the spices (in Outstanding font) on inexpensive return address labels.  Then I used my favorite trick to "faux-laminate" the labels: packing tape.  I cut pieces of tape slightly larger than the labels and affixed them on top in order to keep the labels in place and prevent food stains and grease splatters.

Here's what the finished jars look like.  After we tore out a weird mixed-material fence in our backyard, I planned to use the old wood to build some shelves for the spices.  While I contemplated for months how I might create something both functional and within my (limited) skills-set, my spices lived in a drawer in our (original 1920s) pantry where I could neither see them nor find what I needed in any acceptable time frame.

Then I was given a gift card for Ikea.  When I discovered spice shelves on their website for $4 apiece, how could I refuse?  I already had a spot of wall designated for the display, so it was just a matter of assembling and hanging the shelves.

An old (second) chimney inside the wall forced me to hang the shelves a bit off-center, which at first really disturbed my sense of symmetry.  Then I remembered I already had a gorgeous hook made by our friend George that would make the perfect home for a towel next to the shelves.

I love the result and as a bonus, my dish towel is now out of the reach of my miniature towel thief!

Now all of my spices are handy when I'm cooking, and in alphabetical order, too so I never have to search.  I wouldn't change a thing!

...Except that I'm toying with the idea of staining the shelves the same color as our dining room table.  What do you think?