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Creating a Cleaning Schedule

When I was working outside of the home, Chris and I used to go about our daily lives until our apartment seemed just a little too grimy, then we'd furiously clean for about four hours on an afternoon.  I really have no idea how much time passed between cleanings.

I'd seen fancy cleaning schedules like this one on Pinterest, detailing complicated, thorough daily tasks.  I told myself that once I was a grown up I'd follow a schedule like that.

What I learned when I became a full-time homemaker was that neither of these extreme approaches could work for me.  I couldn't just put off the cleaning only to spend several hours on it in a day, because a toddler really won't stand for that kind of inattention.  But the complicated schedule was no more realistic for me, as it would take me about an hour or more every day.  Plus, and call me gross if you want to,  but my home doesn't really need to be scrubbed from top to bottom each and every week.  First of all, we are fairly tidy people.  If you were to drop by my house unannounced, you probably wouldn't find the place out of order.  Furthermore, my standards of cleanliness just aren't that extreme.  Not that there's anything wrong with it if yours happen to be.

The conclusion to which I finally came was that I needed to create my own schedule, one that would fit the particular needs of my little house and my little family.  What I came up with is perfect for me, because I never have to spend more than twenty minutes cleaning on a given day and some days it may only take ten.  

There are certain things I do on a daily basis to keep things from getting out of control, like picking up toys/kitchen implements and books and sweeping under the highchair.  Those things aren't on my schedule because they're second nature.  And there are some things that I don't feel need to be done every week, which is why I've included a Week 1 and a Week 2 column in my schedule.  Some days I don't clean at all; grocery shopping takes it all out of me, for example, so I don't even try to clean on Tuesdays.  And I like to leave the weekends open for fun family activities and extra garden work.

Having this schedule has made this area of my life a lot easier.  My house is pretty much always clean and I feel like I hardly have to work at it.  I encourage all of you to develop a schedule that fits your lifestyle!

Coming Soon:  I'll be sharing how I make all of my cleaning products, helping to protect my family from harsh chemicals and saving us hundreds of dollars each year.