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DIY {Chalk Paint Dresser Revival}

Today I'm sharing a little DIY project I completed over the weekend.  I experimented with making my own chalk paint and I couldn't be happier with the results.

We were gifted a dresser by a generous family member (Thanks, Maureen!) and I've been itching to customize it to fit the decor I've imagined for our bedroom.  I saw this armoire in Martha Stewart Living and I instantly fell in love with the colors.

I've been wanting to try out chalk paint for a couple of reasons.  First, there's almost no prep involved.  There's no need to sand the furniture because the paint has a thick, rough consistency that will cover even a glossy stain in one coat.  Secondly, I love the look.  The paint dries to a matte finish with visible brush strokes and a distressed appearance, all qualities that we adore.  Purchasing pre-made chalk paint can be pretty pricey, so I decided to make my own.

It was surprisingly easy to mix the paint.  I purchased two color samples at my local Ace Hardware, one for the main color and one for the accent color.  I then mixed 1/3 cup Plaster of Paris with 1/3 cup cool water in a small bucket.  The free paint stirrer from the hardware store worked just fine for this.  Then I mixed in 1 cup latex-based paint and stirred well.  This provided enough chalk paint for one coat on a large dresser.  Needless to say, I mixed much less of the accent color.  Chalk paint does not store well, so be sure to mix only what you'll need.  It's so easy to mix more if you end up needing a little extra.

Chalk paint will chip and crackle over time, which is part of its charm.  To delay the process a bit, you can apply a finishing wax over the dried paint with a soft cloth.  We chose to wax only the top of the dresser to protect it from cat scratches, as we are excited to see what kind of character daily wear will add to the rest of the piece.

I love that a little of the wood grain comes through the paint.  If you wanted a more opaque result, though, a second coat would certainly do the job. 

New knobs and pulls go such a long way toward upgrading a piece of furniture.  We bought our iron ones here.

I would definitely recommend this method.  It was simple to mix and apply the homemade chalk paint and we are thrilled with our new (old) dresser!  For about $50, we now have a custom piece of furniture in our bedroom that will look awesome with the quilt I'm making.

Next up we'll be painting the walls a light, airy gray and creating a fun, less formal jewelry storage solution.  Stay tuned!