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Fall + Nesting

Fall + Nesting

I am a lover of the seasons.  It always thrills me when one comes to a close and the next one approaches, bringing with it different foods, holidays, activities, and traditions.  And none thrills me more than my favorite season: Fall.

As much as I enjoy Summer's extended daylight, fantastic fresh produce, and lake swimming, I get so excited when the first cool breezes of September blow in.  I look forward to sweaters, Fall leaves, butternut squash, crisp air, football season, apples and spice, crackling fires, and Thanksgiving, my most beloved holiday.

So even though I'm doing my best to live in the moment and enjoy the last days of summer, I can't help but lean into the next season.  I started by putting together a Fall-themed mantle.  In a few weeks I'll add some pumpkins and richly-hued leaves to the vignette, but for now I started with some things I already had on hand, plus a few inexpensive new additions.  I downloaded a printable seasonal sign from Etsy for $2 and displayed it on one of my clipboards.  I snagged three succulents for $10 at my favorite local gift shop, planting them in vessels I already owned and sprucing one up with a happy flag from an inspiring maker.

I also put together a tray of some of my kitchen favorites with colors that speak to me of Autumn, placing it on the edge of the counter that oversees our dining area.  I've been making more of an effort lately to make sure that the things I own that make me happy are out in the open where I can really enjoy them.  This set-up also has the added benefit of keeping clutter off this part of the counter (which is all this spot was used for before!)

I'm extremely excited about this stone fire pit my hardworking husband put together one afternoon.  While I will certainly mourn the end of garden season, this little spot is one heck of a consolation prize.  We look forward to many evenings warming up by our new fire pit.

I must admit that the coming of Fall may not be the only driving force behind my home improvement efforts.  I suspect that the nesting instincts that come with the third trimester of pregnancy may also be at work here.  I didn't get to indulge these instincts in my first pregnancy since we were already planning to move and sell most of our belongings.  I guess I'm really diving in this time.

I painted both our bedroom and bathroom.  Then I took some decades old wood planks that had been holding up a makeshift barbed wire fence in our backyard and scrubbed the heck out of them.  I allowed them to cure, then sanded and waxed them.  I've used some of them to build floating bedside shelves and a fun shelf I plan to hang in our bathroom.

I have so many more plans for our home, it's hard not to want to do it all right now.  But little bits here and there are what finances will allow.  Plus, of course, there's the fact that I want to soak up every bit of this fun little 18 month old!



Bathroom Shelf

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