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January Looks Like This

January Looks Like This

Writing thank you notes for the generous outpouring of baby and Christmas gifts we received...

sisters having tummy time...

setting minimalist scenes around the house that reflect the simplicity of the season...

getting my calendar and planner ready for the year ahead and planning simple weekly menus...

watching my parents' new kitties gaze longingly at the deceptively sunny outdoors...

playing with all the indoor toys...

taking countless pictures of Miss Nola (obvs)...

and bundling up in eighteen layers for simple trips to the grocery store!

We were spoiled with a warm winter last year.  It was my first winter back in Kansas City after two rainy ones in Portland and I remember feeling -- after thinking I'd have to brace myself for cold winters again -- that it wasn't as bad as I'd remembered.  That's because it really wasn't as bad as I remembered.  There were very few days that called for staying in entirely.  Most days I could still go out walking (and if you know me you know I thrive on my daily long walks) with a bundled babe in the stroller.

Well, this year, not so much.  It is cold here in the plains, man.  I mean really cold.  On top of that, my toddler has been under the weather off and on for about three weeks now.  Oh yeah, and I have a newborn.  So we have been huddled indoors for the better part of the month.

It's tough for me not to dwell on the fact that I can't get out there for some much needed fresh air, sunshine, and exercise.  It's tough on Susanna, too, as she's used to daily trips to the park instead of hours inside our little house.  It's pretty easy to start wishing away the season and using my time to daydream about spring.

But then I remind myself what my word is for 2016.  You see, I decided to forgo a list of resolutions this year.  Nola was born just before the new year and I know from my first experience that it's enough just to get through the first year of a baby's life.  It's enough for the day if I just get a load of laundry done and dinner on the table.  So instead, prompted by the example of some other bloggers I read, I decided just to pick a word to focus on for the year and hope it might color the way I live out my days and interact with others.

That word is intention.  I want to live each day with intention.  I want to make every choice with intention.  I want to act, dress, respond, converse, behave with intention.  And in this season, to me that means being here now.  I don't want to intentionally wish this time away, especially when my little ones will never be these adorable ages again.  I want to shift my focus away from the future and intentionally live the best today that I can.

So I'm digging in.  Since I have no choice but to slow down I'm focusing on my family and my home.  I'm getting organized.  I'm spending quality time with my girls.  I'm living in the moment and loving the little things.

And, just to be real, keeping the stroller and the baby carrier ready for when the temp hits 40!

I hope you're enjoying your hibernation.  Happy January, everyone!

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