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Nola's Birth Announcement

Last week we mailed out a stack of postcards to our family and friends announcing the birth of our second babe.  I found a design I loved on Etsy in this shop and ordered a digital download.

I designed the back myself, keeping it simple with her birth stats and a few extra photos.

If you've never tried ordering a digital download, I cannot overstate what a big fan I am.  I ordered my holiday cards this way (from this talented lady) for the first time last year and it was incredibly easy.  Pick a design, email your photos, receive a digital file via email, then print the cards at home or send the file to a printer.  It couldn't be simpler!  Sure, I dabble in design myself but I can't do it like the professionals do and my time is certainly worth the $15 most designs cost.

Even though postage isn't cheap, I love to send out snail mail.  We do a holiday card each year and I've now done announcements for both of our babes.  I think receiving a piece of mail that isn't junk is pretty special these days.  Obviously, I'm a believer in the internet and e-mail, but I don't want to lose the tradition of honest to goodness paper and ink mail.

I thought I'd post the announcement here for those of you who aren't on our snail mail list.  And if you'd like your address on that list, just say the word.  Let's be pen pals.